The Dung Beetles Australia website is a privately managed site for the general community to learn about the value of dung beetles and their role in managing nutrients, sequestering carbon and reducing health issues of livestock and communities. Many community groups and other organisations have supported this website for your benefit. Please let us know your thoughts on the website and ways we can make it even better. The site is owned and managed by Mick Alexander and the team of Grazing Bestprac based in Yeppoon, Queensland.

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Mick’s involvement with dung beetles spans more than a decade from 1995, when working with graziers in the Central Queensland region. A single grazing family, Bernie and Elizabeth Shelton, “Springwater”, initiated the resurgence in dung beetles when they contacted Mick to help them increase the dung beetle activity and numbers in the Injune area. This single action has acted as a catalyst to a journey involving thousands of people, on hundreds of properties gaining untold knowledge, skills and inspiration for “back to nature” (reduced chemicals) forms of agriculture. In Mick’s words, “George Bornemissa had a vision for Australia and started the exciting dung beetle program with CSIRO.  John Feehan “Soilcam”, Canberra continued the work and extended the impact in southern Australia, but very little had happened in Queensland for many years.

Taroom Shire Landcare Group

A vision for tomorrow, A sustainable graziers dream

A bucket full of ball rollers ( Sisyphus Spinipes)

Collected from 1 pad on 'Forest Home' Marlborough 1999
"The pad was simply moving before our eyes, but we didn't expect to find so many Dung Beetles" Mick Alexander