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About John Feehan
The Farmers Friend, John Feehan, operates a dungbeetle
consultancy business out of Canberra where he coordinates
the largest and most efficient collection and redistribution of
dung beetles in the world.

John has been promoting the management of dung beetless
for more than 15 years and has redistributed more than 3,000
colonies to date. He operates a farmer only identification
service and has willingly given many thousands of hours service to the survival of dungbeetles and education of our communities.

John has collected and redistributed to every state of Australia and can still find things to learn from these creatures. Colonies of dung beetles can be purchased from John Feehan (3 Prell Place, Hackett, ACT 2602, phone (02) 6248 0376 preferably in the evening).

Cost varies depending on the species required but can range from $300 to $400 (up to $500 for species that are difficult to harvest) for a starter colony of around 1500 beetles. (At the time of publishing, this supplier is the only known supplier of dung beetles in NSW and Queensland.)

About Bernard Doube
There is now another dung beetle supplier: Bernard is ex CSIRO dung beetle project and has done quite a bit of research on beetle benefits over the past five years. He is also very interested in the carbon sequestration potential of dung beetles, and his recent work for MLA has demonstrated how dung beetles increase soil carbon levels in soil.

Dr Bernard Doube
Dung Beetle Solutions Australia

37 Cave Avenue

Bridgewater SA 4158
Phone: 08 8339 4158
Fax: 08 8339 5778

(the site is listed and will have content soon)

Bernard has two publications on purchasing and establishing beetles:

1. Introducing and managing deep tunnelling dung beetles in southern Australia 
2. Deep tunnelling dung beetles for southern Australia : Benefits and purchase